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How do I dispute hospital bill?

My husband doesn't have health insurance. He spent night in ER due to seizure. We got bill for $14600. He was charged for Level 5 yet we got doctor's bill for Level 4. also he was charged $7200 for MRI which I know costs about $3600 (that's how much I paid). Thank you

Nathan’s Answer

I agree with my colleagues. The same exact MRI at one hospital can be charged at a completely different price than another hospital. This creates huge disparities in bill amounts for patients. Fortunately however, hospitals are able to negotiate bills with their patients. You've been pointed to negotiating with either the business office, or to requesting that your bill be processed through a charity program. Charges don't usually reflect actual costs, and as a result, allow me to point you to possible additional options.

  1. Payment plan
  1. Cash discount for agreeing to pay a discounted lump sum right away
  1. Obtain an attorney who may collect a percentage of what they save you

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