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My doctors office ordered an HIV test without my consent and have been charging me and my insurance for unnecessary test.

I already know my HIV status, and my doctor does as well. I tested positive in 2005. I don't understand why they order such a test, which causes me to go over what my insurance will. pay. What is most infuriating, there are two test that need to be done every three months for someone with my condition, check my t-cells and my viral load, and multiple times the nurse forgot to do one of these test which required me to go in for an additional visit and more charges. When I sent him a letter stating I felt his excess fees where unfair and wanted to know why they were testing me for a virus that he and I already know the results, I got no answer but he cashed my check for the overage that insurance didn't pay. I feel like I got poor health care and taken advantage and disrespected,

Nathan’s Answer

Most medical bills, especially medically unnecessary ones, can be negotiated down. It may be fraud to charge for services that are unreasonable or unnecessary.

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