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Consulting attorney to help request medical bill to be waived due to low/no income?


I recently had a trip to the ER, and although I do have health insurance, my plan's deductible is fairly high so I am responsible for the bulk of the medical bills. (~$5000)

I was a student last year and did not earn any income. I have asked the hospital to waive or reduce the bill but they say they are not able to. Is it worthwhile to consult an attorney about having the bill waived/reduced if I can prove low to no-income in the previous year?

Nathan’s Answer

It is. Hospitals provide medical services on varying market value prices. A hospital with a fountain on the second level, greeting you as you make your way up an escalator, and that serves slices of birthday cake by order of a doctor will charge more for an MRI than a community hospital. (Same machine, same service)

As a result, an enterprising attorney may be able to charge you a reasonable fee to negotiate directly with the insurance entity and make them realize it'll cost them more to pursue the $5,000 than to waive or reduce it.

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