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Can my doctor bill me $11,000.00 for a surgery that her staff and medical billing person said would be In-Network and paid 100%

Multiple times the office person said the Dr. is in-network. The doctors billing company said that the bills would be billed as in net-work. I verified the MPI billing number given to me by the Dr. office person with the health insurance co. and it came up as In-network. Insurance said they didn't see Dr. in network, but if used MPI it would be paid in-network. All my bill previous to surgery were paid in-network ( it took them 3 times to bill in-network). Now they called and said they made a mistake and Dr. really not in-network and trying to bill me full price for surgery.

Nathan’s Answer

It is uncertain why insurer would tell you that the doctor is not in network but that if the billing number was used, it would be considered an in network procedure. The situation warrants further investigation by counsel of your choice.

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