Bureau of Investigative services in California

Can a C-7 contractors license be used to obtain an alarm license from the Bureau of Investigative services in California?

In the information about licensing section of the ALARM COMPANY OPERATOR AND ALARM COMPANY OPERATOR QUALIFIED MANAGER application it states: "Note: A C7 or C10 license from the California Contractor’s State License Board may be used in lieu of the 4,000 hours of compensated experience. Please submit a copy of your C7 or C10 license in place of the Qualifying Experience form when completing your application packet." It does not state how long the contractors license must be held before it can be used to obtain the alarm license can someone tell me how long? California makes it very difficult for someone to start an alarm company.

Nathan’s Answer

There is no time limit for how long you must have held a C7 license (which has its own requirements).

It can be an arduous process to start an alarm company but consider that before January 1, 2013, C7 license holders were required to adhere to the 4,000-hour requirement with no exception. At present, if you have a C7 license, you can directly take the Alarm Company Qualified (ACQ) Manager exam and upon passing, apply for an Alarm Company Operator (ACO) license.

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