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Will I lose my cna license for petty theft in California

let me start off by saying it was truly miss understanding I was at Walmart checkout line and one itam didn't get scanned correctly and they called the cops and charged me with petty theft will I lose my cna license

Nathan’s Answer

An administrative or license defense lawyer will be able to address your question with more detail than can be given online. If an item did not get scanned correctly, then you should obtain a criminal defense attorney to see if they can get the charges dismissed. In the meantime, you should discuss with the administrative attorney what you will have to do in terms of reporting any conviction - and if you are called on it, you need to understand that it is not the crime itself that is usually an issue as much as non-disclosure. You need to be open, honest and transparent with any licensing authority in response to any questions or duties to report. These issues, again, can be discussed in more detail depending on how soon you contact an administrative attorney.

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