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I am facing Professional License Revocation due to substance abuse. Does the Board need to identify and/or offer Diversion to me

I currently have 2 professional licenses in California. Due to extremely poor legal representation, I was not properly informed regarding settlement offers, was coerced and coached to lie under oath during administrative hearing, never told about diversion programs by either my attorney or the boards themselves, and no am facing revocation of both licenses. What are the Boards responsibilities to identify, inform, offer me the diversion program?? Is it too late at this point? There is next to no information on the Board websites and thus no way to know that such programs exist unless it was pointed out/offered to you. I would hate to lose my livelihood when I could have recieved help and preserved my licenses with no record of such in the end. Any insight would be much appreciated.

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This question has been answered in a duplicate post.

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